Apple iPhone 11 Refurbished - Tips & Tricks

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Frequently asked questions for the Apple iPhone 11 Refurbished

  • Why is the microphone or speaker on my Apple iPhone 11 Refurbished not working?


    If you have bought this device new, it may appear that the phone's speaker and/or microphone is not working. For example, you may not be able to hear the other party on the phone. This is because this model comes with a protective foil around it. The foil also covers the loudspeaker and microphone, making it seem as if these parts are not working properly. Remove the foil from the front and back to be able to make good use of your phone.

  • What can I do if the storage space of my Apple iPhone 11 Refurbished is full?


    Your phone's storage space can get full by storing lots of apps, photos, videos, music, or contacts. This is very annoying, because it makes your phone slow and you won't be able to download new photos or apps. Unfortunately, your phone's memory cannot be expanded with a memory card. But there is another solution: use cloud storage. You can upload photos and videos to the Cloud and then delete them from your phone. The files remain accessible on your phone via the Cloud, but no longer take up space on your device. This way, your phone stays fast and you have room for new apps. Examples of Cloud storage include iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive.

  • While calling, I see a blinking pixel in my Apple iPhone 11 Refurbished display, what is this?


    Some phones have the front camera and proximity sensor in the display. The proximity sensor flashes as soon as you bring your phone closer to your ear. It then looks as if you have a dead pixel in the display.

    That flashing white pixel is not a dead pixel but the proximity sensor that does its job of turning the screen off while calling to prevent unintended touching.

  • My device has water damage, is this covered by the warranty?


    As a rule, water damage to any electronic equipment is not covered by the warranty. This is because water damage falls under user damage. The manufacturer cannot give a guarantee on this, because they cannot influence the use of the appliance.

    Many devices, such as smartphones, smartwatches, and fitness trackers, have a watertightness certificate indicated by a code, such as IP68 or 5ATM. Water damage with these certified waterproof devices is also not covered by the warranty. This is because the waterproof seal of your device may be subject to wear and tear due to normal use. So always try to prevent your device from getting wet, even if it is waterproof.

  • What is the quickest way to get help for my Apple iPhone 11 Refurbished


    If you have a question about or a problem with your Apple product, it's very easy to get help through the Apple Support app. This application can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store or it is already installed on your phone. In the app you'll find useful step-by-step instructions, interesting facts, and solutions for any problems you may have with your Apple product. If your product is damaged to such an extent that you can no longer open the application, you can also request help for the device via another device. Choose the product for which you would like help from the menu. Your product is listed, as long as you log in with the correct details! Below you will find a general step-by-step plan for using the application:

    1. Open the app. You'll be asked to log in with your iCloud data, do this. 
    2. Select the product for which you need help. If your device is damaged to the extent that you can't access the app, you can also request help for the device with another Apple device as long as you log in with the same iCloud account.
    3. You can now use the menu options to look up your specific problem. When you have found your problem, tap it.
    4. You will now be shown a number of options for getting help. Choose which one you find most useful!

    Did you know that a lot of problems with your phone can be solved without repair? Always read the articles offered in the Apple Support app. Who knows, the solution to your problem may be in there!

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