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  • Is it possible to use my Apple iPhone 7 Plus tilted as well?


    Your iPhone comes with landscape view. This means not only that the keyboard tilts when you use the smartphone on its side, but also that the entire background and all apps are adjusted when you tilt the device. This is similar to the display of an iPad when you tilt it. In this way you can make optimal use of the large display!

  • What does the IP67 certification say about the water resistance of my Apple iPhone 7 Plus?


    Apple has given the device an IP67 certification. This means that your device is dust tight and also water resistant. So it's no problem to make a phone call when it's raining or to look for directions during a rainstorm. However, it is not recommended to use the device in the shower or to go swimming with it. This can cause damage because the water pressure will be higher. Also be careful when charging: make sure your iPhone is completely dry when you charge it.

  • How does 3D Touch work on my Apple iPhone 7 Plus?


    3D Touch is a function of Apple that can detect how hard you press on your screen. This opens up a whole new world of control over your phone! With normal touch, what you are used to happens. When you press a little harder you can see an example. When you press even harder, this example changes into a full screen display. For more information and useful applications see the Tips & Tricks!

  • Why is the microphone or speaker on my Apple iPhone 7 Plus not working?


    If you have bought this device new, it may appear that the phone's speaker and/or microphone is not working. For example, you may not be able to hear the other party on the phone. This is because this model comes with a protective foil around it. The foil also covers the loudspeaker and microphone, making it seem as if these parts are not working properly. Remove the foil from the front and back to be able to make good use of your phone.

  • How does the Touch ID on my Apple iPhone 7 Plus work?


    The stainless steel ring around the home button measures changes in voltage and therefore detects a slight touch of the home button. At that moment the sensor becomes active. It is not necessary to lay your finger flat on the scanner, it can be recognised from several angles. The software reads the reliëf of your finger. You can set multiple fingers on one device.

    Via Settings > General > Touch ID & Password you can select that you want to protect your device with a fingerprint. Touch ID can also be used to make purchases from the App Store, iTunes, or iBooks. 

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