Gigaset GS4 Black

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Product image of the Gigaset GS4 Black
Product image of the Gigaset GS4 Black
Product image of the Gigaset GS4 Black
Product image of the Gigaset GS4 Black
Colour: Black

Customers are happy with:

  • 16 megapixel camera, 1080p video quality
  • 6.3 inch nvt screen
  • 64 GB storage space (Expandable with Micro-SD)
  • 4300 mAh battery capacity
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Experts about the Gigaset GS4 Black

  • Dutch consumers' association

    Dec 2020
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Specifications Gigaset GS4 Black

157 x 75 x 9.8 mm

206 gram

6.3 inch

2340x1080 pixels

4096 MB RAM

Octa-core processor



Version at release: 10

16 megapixels

1080p video

64 GB memory

Expandable with Micro-SD

Pros & cons Gigaset GS4 Black

  • You can easily replace the battery yourself, so no hassle with repairs!
  • This device has room for two SIM cards and a microSD card at the same time
  • The back of this phone is completely flat, so it won't wobble when you put it on the table
  • This phone does not have access to the 5G network

Reviews from our customers

Average scores of the Gigaset GS4:

14 verified reviews
4 stars
Very good
  • Camera: 7.9
  • Screen: 8.4
  • Speed: 7.9
  • Battery life: 8.4
  • Value for money: 9.1

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Description of the Gigaset GS4 Black

The Gigaset GS4 is a handy phone, straight from the factory in Germany. So you can be sure that with this phone, you're getting real German engineering! That means it's very reliable and made from high-quality materials.

The device also looks very good, thanks to the future-proof design. Besides that, the device has a beautiful display, has convenient features, and is also really affordable. Ideal if you just want a phone that works, without too much fuss.

Removable battery

Perhaps the most special thing about the Gigaset GS4 is that you can change the battery yourself. You don't have to send the device for repair, but you can just buy a new battery and replace it easily. Very convenient and also sustainable!

Long battery life

The battery is not only replaceable, it also lasts a long time. With 4300 mAh of battery life, you can easily go the whole day without charging. Plus, MTK+ Pump Express allows for lightning-fast charging. Wirelessly too!

Nice big display

The Gigaset GS4 has a nice big screen of 6.3 inches. That means you can see everything very clearly on your screen! Thanks to the Full HD+ resolution, the display is very high-quality, making watching videos a pleasure.

Nice format

Despite the size of the screen, the GS4 remains manageable, thanks to a smart design. The bezels around the screen are small, so the size of the device remains limited. Besides that, the screen is slightly elongated and therefore narrower, so you can still control it with one hand.

Fast enough

The GS4's chipset may not be the greatest powerhouse, but it will meet most of your expectations. Normal use is nice and fast, small games can also be played. Only when you start playing really demanding games will you notice that the device starts to lag.

Android 10

A device like this should of course be easy to use, and that is certainly the case thanks to Android 10. The usability of the device is very good, so anyone can handle it. Even if you have not had a smartphone before!

What's in the box?

  • Gigaset GS4 Black
  • Charger
  • USB cable
  • User manual

Warranty & Repairs

2 year Gigaset warranty

With normal use, we guarantee that your phone will work properly throughout the full warranty period. If something goes wrong, and Gigaset will make sure to help you out!

How do repairs at Gigaset work?

  • Repairs that are covered by the warranty conditions are always completely free of charge.
  • A Gigaset-phone repair takes 10 days on average.
  • Gigaset does not refund the € 6,50 shipping fee for a repair.
  • Is your repair not covered by the warranty? If so, Gigaset will charge you with € 36,30 research costs if you decide not to have your device repaired.

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