LG V30 Blue

Product image of the LG V30 Blue
Product image of the LG V30 Blue
Product image of the LG V30 Blue
Product image of the LG V30 Blue
Product image of the LG V30 Blue
Product image of the LG V30 Blue
Product image of the LG V30 Blue
Product image of the LG V30 Blue

Customers are happy with:

  • 6.0 inch OLED screen
  • 64 GB storage space (Expandable with Micro-SD)
  • Water and dust resistant (IP68)
  • 3300 mAh battery capacity
SIM-lock free

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The LG V30 Blue is no longer available.

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Experts about the LG V30 Blue

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Specifications LG V30 Blue

151.7 x 75.4 x 7.3 mm

158 gram

6.0 inch

2880x1440 pixels

4096 MB RAM

Octa-core processor



Version at release: 7.1

4k video

64 GB memory

Expandable with Micro-SD

Pros & cons LG V30 Blue

  • The secondary camera can capture a larger area thanks to the wide-angle lens
  • This device is IP68 rated, so it's dust and water resistant
  • The LG software gets the most out of the elongated display
  • Thanks to the thin bezels, the display is still compact despite the large screen
  • You cannot use the fingerprint scanner when the device is lying on its back

Reviews from our customers

Average scores of the LG V30:

43 verified reviews
4.5 stars
  • Camera: 9.3
  • Screen: 9.1
  • Speed: 9.2
  • Battery life: 8.9
  • Value for money: 9.3

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Description of the LG V30 Blue

LG V30 Blue

Please note: This device was released several years ago and does not receive software and security updates anymore. Please keep in mind that the device is no longer completely safe to use and that in the long run certain applications will no longer work. We therefore strongly recommend a newer device.

LG's V series always come equipped with impressive specifications, a large display, and a sleek design. This device was presented at the IFA in 2017 and is provided with nice specifications.

LG has fitted this device with a 6.0-inch AMOLED display. This phone also boasts minimal bezels, which gives the phone a sleek feel. The display comes with a display ratio of 2:1, and LG's UX software is specifically geared towards this display ratio.

Impressive cameras

This mobile phone comes equipped with great cameras, just like we've come to expect from high-end smartphones. On the back of the LG V30, you'll find a double camera. This camera lets you capture great pictures with a F1.6 lens.

The phone also has a wide-angle lens. The V30 is not the first phone with this type of lens, as LG fitted the G6 with a wide-angle lens. This camera lets you capture more in one picture. The front camera also lets you take great selfies.

Ample display on the front

Just like the LG G6, the V30 boasts a design with minimal bezels. This means that the front is almost entirely covered by the screen. This way, the LG V30 smartphone still feels quite compact, even though it has an incredibly large screen.

The 6.0-inch display comes fitted with an AMOLED display, which produces stunning images. This display is also very energy-efficient, as pixels that look black are simply turned off! On top of that, the display has a very high resolution of 2880x1440 pixels.

Snapdragon 835 chipset

Under the hood of the LG V30, you'll find a Snapdragon 835 chipset that produces a lot of computing power. Thanks to this processor with eight cores, apps run smoothly. This also means that the V30 can handle big apps and games. This chipset is very energy-efficient, so you'll get the most out of your battery.

Room for all your files

The LG V30 comes equipped with 64GB of storage space. This gives you ample room for pictures, apps and games. If you need more storage space, you can simply expand the storage space using a microSD card.

Waterproof casing

The casing of the LG V30 is able to withstand water, which is why it is given an IP68 certificate. This means that you'll be able to make a call in the rain without having to worry about destroying your device.

Secure, instant unlocking with the fingerprint scanner

The LG V30 comes equipped with a useful fingerprint scanner on its back. This is a good position for the scanner, as you naturally position your fingers on the back when you hold the phone. Simply place your finger on the scanner and unlock your mobile phone in no time!

Android with LG UX

Out of the box, the LG V30 runs on Android 7.0. This gives you access to useful Google services and lets you download apps from the Play Store. This also gives you access to LG UX 6.0, LG's own skin. This software adds great features that help you get the most out of the 2:1 display ratio.

What's in the box?

  • LG V30 Blue
  • Charger
  • Earbuds or headset
  • USB-C-kabel

User manual for the LG V30 Blue

The user manual is not included but can be downloaded or viewed here: Dutch user manual.

Warranty & Repairs

2 year LG warranty

With normal use, we guarantee that your phone will work properly throughout the full warranty period. If something goes wrong, Gomibo.cz and LG will make sure to help you out!

How do repairs at LG work?

  • Repairs that are covered by the warranty conditions are always completely free of charge.
  • A LG-phone repair takes 10 days on average.
  • LG does not refund the € 6,50 shipping fee for a repair.
  • Is your repair not covered by the warranty? If so, LG will charge you with € 41,14 research costs if you decide not to have your device repaired.

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Alternative 1

  • Display: 6.2 inch
  • Storage space: 32 GB
  • Operating system: Android
  • Camera: 13 megapixels
  • RAM 2048 MB

€ 104.00

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Alternative 2

  • Display: 6.6 inch
  • Storage space: 64 GB
  • Operating system: Android
  • Camera: 48 megapixels
  • RAM 4096 MB

€ 160.00

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Delivery on Monday

Alternative 3

  • Display: 6.1 inch
  • Storage space: 64 GB
  • Operating system: Android
  • Camera: 48 megapixels
  • RAM 4096 MB

€ 317.00

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Delivery on Monday

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